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FM Forum Guidelines and Policies
Welcome to what we believe will be the largest discussion group on the Net sponsored by many FM associations and other industry professional organizations. To be successful in encouraging active discussions, it is important that all contributors follow our guidelines, which have been established with this goal in mind.

In the interest of promoting a free and unfettered exchange of thoughts and ideas about technical and non-technical issues and problem-solving for facilities professionals, the ideas and suggestions entered on FM Forum may but will not necessarily be subjected to random editing or monitoring by the managers of FM Forum. We do encourage you to report any violations of our content or conduct standards, stated below, and will deal with such reported violations on a case-by-case basis. As such, it is important to keep in mind that the opinions and contents of this forum are those of the individual writers, and should not be construed to reflect the opinions or recommendations of any of the managing, contributing or participating organizations of FM Forum. Similarly, those organizations cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information provided, nor the applicability of their content to specific FM or real property situations of the subscribers. No postings on FM Forum should be considered to be endorsed or promoted by any of those organizations, their officers, clients, or contractors.

Similarly, there is no assurance that any of the information or commentary offered by individuals or organizations is technically accurate, reliable, or the approved solution to the problem(s) under discussion, but rather, merely reflect the experiences and/or personal opinions of the individual participants.

All persons contributing to FM Forum must adhere to expected levels of conduct, as well as policies and procedures stated on this and other pages on FM Forum. Any contribution that does not adhere to these policies may be removed in the sole discretion of FM Forum and its managers, and in some cases offenders may be blocked from further access to FM Forum. Users of this service are encouraged to report any offensive or unsuitable material or other violations of our policies to support@fmforum.org.

The following are not permitted to be posted on FM Forum:

  • Direct or indirect advertisement on behalf of a specific FM product or service provider; this includes postings by anyone associated directly or indirectly with that product or service provider or its employees.
  • Recruitment for candidates to fill job openings or for contractors to bid on projects.
  • Any other form of solicitation or self- or company-promoting activity.
Furthermore, contributors must refrain from using any language that may be considered offensive, libelous, indecent, unlawful or in violation of any copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or patent rights. FM Forum periodically reviews certain of the contributions and has the right, but not the obligation, to remove any contribution that it considers in violation of these policies.

In addition, FM Forum reserves the right to modify or edit any content for any reason, at any time. The managing, contributing and supporting organizations have the right to reproduce and publish, either directly or in summary form, any material posted on FM Forum, with or without attribution.

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