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About FM Forum
What is FM Forum?

FM Forum consists of a number of discussion groups; as areas of interest develop, each Forum will expand into more topics of interest to FM professionals. There is no cost for anyone to use FM Forum. See our press release.

Where does the "FM" of FM Forum come from?

"FM" refers to both facilities managers and facility managers (different organizations prefer one method to the other). FM Forum also encompasses facilities and plant engineers and all other facilities professionals, as well as those who do business with them.

How do I get the most out of FM Forum?

Click on "Help" in the left border, and read through this section. Be sure to take advantage of the powerful FM Forum search engine.

How do I find information on FM Forum?

Click on "Search" in the left border of every page; this will search through every posting in FM Forum. See our Search Tips page for how to take advantage of the search engine.

What am I allowed to post or not post on FM Forum?

FM Forum encourages postings that are of constructive value to facilities professionals; it discourages any form of advertising or self-promotion. Be sure to read through our Guidelines before you post a message to FM Forum.

What is the difference between active and archived postings?

"Active postings" are those you see when you enter a Forum. However, if you search for a word or phrase that may be found in an archived posting, that posting will appear in your search results.

If I want to sell my products or services to facilities professionals, how may I promote my company?

If you may be interested in advertising on FMForum, please contact FM Forum.

Who is behind FM Forum?

FM Forum is managed by FMLink and is sponsored by the following organizations and publications: the BOMI Institute, and the International Society of Facilities Executives (ISFE). FM Forum is supported by its managing and sponsoring organizations, as well as through its advertisers. Click here to see more about the sponsoring organizations.

How do I contact FM Forum?

Just send an e-mail to info@fmforum.org. We look forward to getting your suggestions and comments, as well as any other requests you may have.

How do I modify a previous posting I have already placed on FM Forum?

Go to your posting, click on its Subject, and you will see a "Change Entry" button appear on the left border (this will appear only if you access your posting from the same computer and browser from which you submitted the posting). To see more information about modifying or even deleting your posting, click here.

How do I modify my Registration information?

Should you have a need to modify your Registration information, send an e-mail to support@fmforum.org

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